Monday, December 29, 2014

Windows 2

We had so many gray and rainy days in December, it seemed that the monsoon would never end. Even Christmas day was rainy. Despite all the rain, it took weeks for most of the ice to leave my yard and driveway. The last couple of days have been warmer, but the north side of the JayBee has been too mucky to finish off the roof drip edge. Instead, I thought I would install the door. To that end, I finished installing the housewrap in the ceiling of the entryway.

I missed my moment of opportunity when my Christmas houseguests left before I could get completely ready and ask for their help. So...I decided to install windows instead.

Cutting through the housewrap is a no-turning-back moment.

I tacked the housewrap out of the way on the sides and top of the opening.

Rather than use full plastic windowsills, I decided to use plastic corners...

...and leftover ice and water shield to make my own waterproof windowsill.

I wrapped the housewrap around the sides of the window opening, put a bead of sealant along the top and sides of the opening, and slid the window into place.

Shims on the inside helped me ensure the window was square, level, and plumb.

I finished up with flashing on the outside, and tacking down the housewrap above the window. I will buy some housewrap tape, so I can tape over the diagonal housewrap cuts at the upper corners of the window.

My view of the river from what will be the foot of my bed in the JayBee.

I confirmed that the window opens just fine.

One down! even if it hardly shows.

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Do you think this sign will keep the plow guy from plowing into my septic pump? It's the biggest one I've tried yet.

Steve tried to take George on his walk; George wasn't having it.

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