Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Electric Power 1

After many delays and postponements over many weeks, the electrical contractor and his excavator subcontractor showed up today! I guess they almost canceled again because, when they first got on the road to come here, the freezing rain was bad. Thankfully, at my house the freezing rain held off until after today's work was done.

Today's work was about installing a new pole to carry the electrical service. This required an excavator...

...and a very large, heavy pole.

Every time I looked out a window, the excavator was going this way and that.

The excavator dug a hole off the south corner of the old house.

Then the pole was moved into place...

...and plunked into the hole.

The excavator and electricians went away...

...and the pole remained. (What was once a thick, soft bed of moss in this part of the yard is going to be a sloppy, goopy sea of wet clay next spring.)

What will happen next: After the holidays, the power company will come and move the power line off of the old house and to the pole instead. Then, the electrician will connect the old house to the pole (to restore power to the house), and connect the tiny house to the pole. This will bring power to the tiny house and make it easier to disconnect the power from the old house when I'm ready to tear the house down.

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