Friday, July 15, 2016

Plumbing 1

No one pass out or anything! Plumbing work got done on the JayBee today. Hooray! Years in the making...and, then, just a few hours later, there is plumbing. Good thing we started early; it is killer hot here today.

Today's work was all about the PVC venting. Now there is a toilet drain. This was a bit tricky because the C-channel trailer framing was right below where this needed to go. The toilet will end up a few inches out from the wall, and the drain has a funky twist in it--but it's in!

Below is the venting for the toilet, the kitchen sink, and the shower. I take full responsibility for the fact that it is installed in the wrong wall! After it was done, I was staring at it and thinking something just didn't look right. Then, I realized that I had wanted to install it in the wall behind where it ended up--so there would be more room on the kitchen side for shelving and storage. Installing it back in that other wall would have meant having to move the electrical wire... Bummer. It is where it is now, though; I am not going to move it. I will just have to build around it when finishing off the kitchen.

Below is the vent for the bathroom sink. It wraps up through the bathroom ceiling...

...over the shower, and hooks up with the other vents.

The shower drain was installed, and the shower stall itself is now installed as well. (No more pulling it out, shoving it back in, etc.)

More plumbing work will get done on Monday...

The water supply lines are not going in until the walls are finished because they will be attached to the walls (and, where they would be visible, I will build little cupboards/shelves/whatever around them). I guess I better get busy...or at least busier.


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