Saturday, July 2, 2016

Insulation & Vapor Barrier--Walls & Ceiling--3

Progress with the kitchen wall.

More ceiling progress.

The insulation usually stays in the bays just with friction. This one piece kept working its way out of its ceiling bay; thus the tacked up pieces of string!

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Summer on the river. The two motor boats in this next photo were lazily drifting downriver on the outgoing tide. Usually the motor boats that pass by are zipping at top speed, so busy going from point A to point B that they're missing all the beauty inbetween!

Georgie enjoying the riverfront with me. He turns 17 this summer!

Maybe this next photo doesn't look like much--just some slightly muddy river water.

Maybe you can see all the fish in this zoomed-in shot. Tons of little fishies swimming around. Food for the large sturgeon that have been leaping and belly-flopping in the river!

Enjoy the Fourth of July weekend everyone!


  1. How much of the river can you see from your tiny house project? How do you manage to get any work done?

    1. I used to have a great view of the river from the JayBee--until I erected the temporary tent/shelter that I'm using as sun shelter and storage for the project; it now sits smack in the middle of the river view. It bugs me that the view is largely blocked from the tiny house but, honestly, that does not stop me from allowing the view to distract me. I just walk around to the front of the old house, sit on the deck, and stare off towards the river. Especially if I am having a hard time committing to starting the next step of construction. I can turn almost anything into a fine distraction! :-)