Saturday, January 3, 2015

Windows 3

What a difference a day makes! After two straight days of things going wrong (I will still do a "mistakes/problems" post eventually), today things went right.

Yesterday I finished off two more window openings.

I covered the openings with plastic for the night to keep the frost off the sills and out of the house.

This morning I was back out there early, and created the opening for the window in the east end bumpout. It was frigid, frigid, frigid out there today. Dale came over and helped me get the window into the opening.

Once the window was safely held in place, we moved on to install the two additional windows on the south side.

Once those two were held in place, I created the opening for the window on the north side.

After Dale helped me get the north window in place, I worked at finishing the installation--screws, flashing, and housewrap tape. As the sun was setting and the snow was starting, I finished the north window...

and moved on to finishing the three other windows we had installed. I worked with a headlamp until 6:00 to finish. No pictures because it was pitch black out there. Snow was starting to collect on the ground when I finally quit for the day and headed for a bath. Great day!

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Last night's pink sky.

The river has been loud! The incoming tide takes the ice north and then the ice heads south when the tide turns and heads the other way--all the while scraping on the buoys. In the photo below, the red buoy can be seen between the two pine trees after it's been carried north by the ice. It is usually situated behind the pine tree in the center of the photo.


  1. It's really looking great with door and windows. Congratulations on such a productive day.


  2. Thanks, Steve. This does feel like a tremendous leap forward.