Monday, January 26, 2015

Calm Before the Storm (Window Trim 1)

I guess we're going to get a whopper doozy blizzard starting tonight. I've been scrambling to cut trim pieces for the JayBee so I can assemble window trim indoors while the storm rages outside.

First window trim installed!

The photo below shows that the windowsill slopes downward slightly so it will shed water. The bottom trim piece has a slot cut out of the back of it so siding shingles can be slid up behind it.

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Check this out (below). Early in the day, there were small icicles hanging from the ends of the dormer valleys. When one of them fell off the roof, it landed vertically on the pavement and stayed that way for hours.

When I was up on a ladder a couple of days ago, Bear climbed up the other side of the ladder. Of course there was nowhere for him to go once he got up there, so he started dancing in circles. When he slipped and began to fall off the ladder, he grabbed ahold of my thigh. Yee OW!

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