Thursday, August 2, 2012


After all this time...

I am getting reconnected with the JayBee, and resuming work. Thankfully, the JayBee stayed well-covered and protected through the winter and the spring. The old tarps were done in, though, so step one was installing new covers. Took me most of a day.

Next, I moved the two big saws out of the JayBee and set them up outside with sunshades.

I vacuumed out the JayBee. Lots of dead insects! Mostly moths and crickets.

My first project: a short divider/cork wall to go between two desks at work. All the cut pieces...

...then mostly assembled...

...and tested with the cork dividers I made (plywood pieces with 3/8" rolled cork tacked and glued to both sides)...

...then painted. (What do you do when you open a can of paint and discover it's not what you expected or asked for? I asked the guy at Lowe's for the blackest, glossiest paint they had. I groaned when I opened the can because it is a semi-gloss dark gray. It's only for work, after all, so I proceeded to use it anyway.)

Final assembly and touch up. The two feet sitting in front drying will sit perpendicular to the wall underneath the legs under the middle of the two cork pieces. All that's left to do is figure out how I'm going to transport this thing to work!

Update 7 Aug 2012: Here is the cork divider wall set up and in use at work.

Now, you may rightfully ask what this project has to do with the JayBee. Honestly...nothing at all. It's a project that had to get done, and doing it has reconnected me with my love of woodworking. I'm ready to tackle the JayBee now. I've been staring at the (unfinished) roof framing and I'm feeling a bit daunted. It's a good thing I cut and installed all the matching roof rafters last summer/fall because I cannot remember anything about the angles or the cuts. I think I'll start with something a little easier--like the wall framing around the entry door. (Stay tuned for the next post.)

In the meantime, Bear has been present but generally less pesky so far this year. He's doing a lot of sleeping.

Last night, the poor thing was surprised (actually terrorized) by the neighbor's dog running through the yard; Bear shot into the JayBee and up onto the wall plate before I even knew what was happening. The dog would have jumped into the JayBee too, if I hadn't been there to stop her. (Despite our leash law, the neighbors let their dog run loose; she terrorizes my cats at least once a day. Grrr.)

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