Sunday, August 12, 2012

Entryway 4

I made some progress on the JayBee's entryway this weekend in spite of the rain. I welcomed the break from the sun, actually, even though I could have done without the saturation of humidity.

If passersby or my neighbors heard squeals and shrieks on Saturday, it was because every time I uncovered the lumber pile to grab some lumber, I was greeted by snakes. Yikes--I really don't like snakes. (Even if these are very tame compared to the snakes my son is encountering on the Appalachian Trail this summer.) At first I thought there was only one snake but, after I saw two at once, it occurred to me that there could be a whole family in there!

The butterflies were out in force this weekend as well--ones that match my car...

...ones that kept landing in or on my work area...

So...I cut all the pieces needed for the wall that will hold the door.

Then I had to build a header. Haven't done that for almost a year. Remember, oh header goddess (you know who you are), how many of these you built last summer? The notches on one side of this header will hold the bottom side of short ceiling joists I will install above the entryway.

Then I got the wall assembled...

and held in place with clamps. (I plan to make sure all the parts fit and are square and plumb before I attach anything.)

Next, I built the short wall to install on the west side of the entryway...

...and connected everything with more clamps.

At the moment, there is a 2 x 4 running across the base of the doorway, which should not be there when the door is installed. It is helping to keep the wall aligned. Once everything is fully connected, I will cut out that portion of the 2 x 4. (I have already made partial cuts on the underside of this board to make finishing the cuts easy.)

Bear had a traumatic visit to the vet on Saturday, and proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend trying out new places to sleep.

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