Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trash Bin

My apologies to my loyal followers for my long silence. It would be great if I could tell you I have made all kinds of progress on the JayBee. Unfortunately, even though the weather has been unseasonably sunny and warm, I have done absolutely nothing new on the JayBee. I'm pretty much living at work these days, I had bronchitis for four weeks, I had a relative in the hospital and a rehab center for weeks, and I've been avidly following my son's thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail (and also updating the maps on his blog). Yes, I realize this is starting to sound like "my dog ate my homework." Let's just say that life has been happening every day, all day.

This week I took delivery of a ready-to-assemble trash bin. It may seem that a trash bin would have nothing to do with the JayBee, but it is actually a part of the bigger picture. The trash bin will give me a place to store recyclables and trash without having to have a place for them in the JayBee.

After I unpacked the two large boxes, I had the ready-to-assemble trash bin parts...

and I had a substantial amount of packing material to recycle.

First, I attached the sides of the bin to the bottom.

Then I attached the two back pieces.

Next came the top front piece.

I installed the hinged lid on top.

Attaching the doors was a little tricky (it was hard to hold them in place and attach them at the same time), but I got it done.

I leveled cinder blocks off to the side of the bottom of the driveway as a place to set the trash bin. I realize the cinder blocks under the front edge make the thing look a little like it's up on stilts. This strategy saved me some trouble with excavating hard-packed clay out of the hillside. More importantly, I'm hoping it will make it easier to open the trash bin doors as next winter's snow piles up.

I guess I can take longer to replace my falling-apart plastic trash can, now that it has a roof over it. Notice that the bin has lots of room for recyclables.

Guess who had to check things out!

Update 29 Apr 2012: Steve was up this weekend and caught me applying a preservative to the trash bin. I used stuff left over from when I applied it to the deck. I've used different products over the years, and this stuff actually lasts a few years--yes!


  1. Very cool! How many trash cans have their own house?! In addition to saving JayBee space, this should make dealing with the trash in the winter much easier, eh?

    Does it have any sealer on it?

  2. Funny you should ask! Check out the photo I added to the end of this post today. Steve was here this weekend and took a photo of me applying a sealer to the trash bin. I could have let it just weather and turn gray, but (in addition to wanting it to last a long time) I decided I wanted it to match the JayBee and the deck, which are both also cedar and will have the same sealer.