Sunday, August 5, 2012

Entryway 3

Here is the entryway that needs to be framed in. Notice that there is a step. The hole in this south wall is four feet wide, but the entry door is only three feet wide, so the entry needs a series of small walls to frame in the step and the door.

This first wall (on the east side of the entryway) was challenging because it had to incorporate the final ceiling joist and both the wall and the joist had to be square and plumb to the existing walls, joists, and floor. (This also required crawling around underneath the JayBee with a 12-ton jack to level it up. It was only a smidgen off--amazing since we've had almost a year of frost heaves and wet and dry weather since I last leveled it--but I wanted it perfect before attaching the new wall.) Finally, I got it done.

Here is the east entryway wall with the full (and final, yippee!) ceiling joist in place. The bed area is now more clearly defined, and the living area feels that much smaller for it.

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