Friday, June 24, 2016

Loft Chair

I thought it would be nice to have a chair to use when reading in the reading-nook loft of the JayBee. I cut these two pieces out of maple boards.

Then, I rounded all the edges.

The chair will store flat.

And it will assemble into a chair when needed.

From this angle, looking at the chair set up in the loft, it doesn't look like there will be enough headroom to use it. Hmmm... We'll see.

Last weekend, a whole slew of wheelie carts and maintenance trucks went by on the railroad tracks. Only caught one in a photo.

Coming home from work one night this week, I saw a double rainbow.

Then I realized I could see the whole curve, from one end to the other. Pasting together two photos together...

Flowers in the yard...

One cat who thinks he's well hidden.

Another cat on a walk with me.

Morning light on the river...

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