Saturday, June 25, 2016

Insulation & Vapor Barrier--Walls & Ceiling--2

More progress. The base and insulation for under the shower stall.

Bracing installed around the inside of the shower-stall bay--to support the sides of the shower stall and the grab bar I plan to put in the shower stall.

The shower stall slid back into place. Not installed yet, though; plumbing has to come first!

Some more baffles...

...and ceiling insulation.

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Sometimes George picks the weirdest places to sleep.


  1. Well, yes, it was bound to happen eventually. :-) I really do have to finish this house someday! I think this month has been the nicest, sunniest June we've had in years. (Of course, if we don't get rain to make up for it, things are going to get way too dry, but it's been nice in the moment.)