Friday, June 24, 2016

Insulation & Vapor Barrier--Walls & Ceiling--1

Before installing insulation, I used spray foam to plug the holes in the backs of the electrical boxes that would otherwise be holes in the eventual vapor barrier. The orange color indicates that this foam is fire blocking foam as well.

In order to keep the air moving from the ventilation holes in the eaves up to the ventilation holes next to the ridge board...

...I'm installing baffles to keep the insulation from plugging up the air flow.

Working in the JayBee seems to constantly involve cramming myself into tight spaces. I hit my elbow's funny bone three times while working in the shower stall.

Mess and chaos.

Insulation installed behind the shower stall...

...and up to the peak.

Then the vapor barrier installed behind the shower stall.

And all the edges taped.

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