Sunday, October 5, 2014

Trim and Ventilation 2

I have been working hard on installing air vents and trim all around the JayBee...but I don't have photos to show--other than this one of the northwest corner.

I have been working up under the edges of the overhanging tarps (to save myself the trouble of constantly moving the tarps this way and that), so I haven't been able to take any photos from a step back. I guess this is one of those things that will be a "big reveal" when it's all done.

The new hole saw bit has worked miracles--so much so, that I bought another one as well. At $35-38 a pop, it's quite a commitment--but worth every penny. The new bits cut so well they can be a bit (ha!) intimidating. I have used them enough now, though, that I can read when they are getting dull, and I have taught myself how to sharpen them. I guess it's either that (practice makes better) or you learn by breaking a wrist when the bit binds up in the wood.

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From a walk in the rain yesterday...

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