Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trim and Ventilation 4

I finished installing all the trim around the roof, and it's all stained as well. I sure got lucky with the weather!

Today, with temperatures in the 70s, I spent the day up on the roof, drilling ventilation holes at the tops of the rafter bays, along the ridge boards. It took me quite a while to get a rhythm going because I was so afraid of being up on that roof, and worried that I would drill holes in the wrong places.

If there wasn't a house in the way, I'd have quite a view of the river!

The first few holes I drilled...

...with a long way to go...

Finally, with the sun rapidly going down, I finished drilling all the holes!

The trim gives the house a more finished look, eh?

Once the tarps were back on the roof, it sort of looked like a spaceship from the inside.

Next up: I have to figure out where the plumbing vent and two propane vents will go through the roof. I have to order the roofing. Then, it's on to installing underlayment and roofing!

Also, I met with an electrician today, and I think I have a lead on a plumber--finally. There could be a lot of progress made on the JayBee in short order.

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Not sure what this bird is, but it sure caught my attention today.

George and I went on a walk to the riverfront yesterday.

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