Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pantry Cabinet 2

For a year and a half, I have had 79 cabinet pieces sitting on my living room floor--waiting to be assembled into the pantry cabinet for the JayBee. (See Pantry Cabinet 1.) When I tried a few times to work on assembling the cabinet, I kept discovering that there were more cuts I needed to make--but my saws were all stored away. So, everything just kept sitting there.

When it was too rainy earlier this month to uncover the JayBee and work on the roof, I decided to assemble the cabinet instead. It's all progress, right?

Leave it to me to design a very complicated cabinet! The cabinet is tall and narrow. The two narrow doors have shelves on the inside--narrow shelves on the inside of the left door, deeper shelves on the inside of the other door. The back of the cabinet has adjustable shelves--shallow shelves on the right side, deeper shelves on the left. Assembly has been painstakingly slow.

First, I worked on making mortise and tenon joints, and channels for the door panels.

Door assembly...

Finally, two doors with panels.

Next up: assembly of shelves to hang on the backs of the doors...

The narrow, shallow set done:

The deeper, wider set done:

The doors will get attached to the back sides of the shelves--once I determine that they will fit right in the outer cabinet.

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Other miscellaneous photos from the last few weeks...

A few creatures were hiding in the various tarps that were covering saws and things.

One day, I found this fish smack in the middle of my driveway-- probably dropped by a bald eagle. The next morning, it was completely gone. I assume it was retrieved by someone who was not going to let a good meal go to waste.

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