Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still Here!

I apologize to my regular readers for my long absence. I'm still here, the JayBee is still here...but the project has been in hibernation these last several weeks.

We have had strange weather all fall and into the beginning of the winter. The Kennebec has been trying to freeze over, but we keep getting unseasonably warm stretches of weather that loosen things up all over again.

I had hoped to work on the JayBee roof rafters some more this week. Tuesday night we had high winds and driving rain all night long. The rain washed away all the snow. The booming of bricks slamming into the sides of the JayBee kept waking me up. I got up and looked out at the tarps several times during the night; when the bricks stopped making noise, I awoke again and realized the tarps had probably blown off. Sure enough.

Strangely but thankfully, the day started off very warm--near 50 degrees. I spent all day mopping up water in the JayBee, drying off things stored inside, and refastening the tarps. (All these weeks since my last post, this has been the first tarp disaster. Thank goodness, because all this cleaning up and trying to get back to where I started can get discouraging.)

I heard eagles calling all day long. At one point while I was looking out at the river, I watched a bald eagle circle around and land on an ice floe.

Then, a second eagle swooped in and joined the first. I guess they fish while floating downriver on these floes.

The temperature steadily dropped all day long--ending up around 20 degrees. All in all, a fine day, even if I made no progress on the JayBee's roof rafters.

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