Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks

I am grateful that...

...the more than 10" of snow we received two days ago has not leaked through or torn the tarps on the JayBee. (In fact, not all of it has even managed to stay on top of the tarps.) plow guy did not hit the JayBee during the first plowing of the season (even if he did manage a direct hit on the septic pump). family agreed to a Thanksgiving plan that allowed us to enjoy time together and share stories and laughter.

...I have managed to get enough rest over the last few days that my sense of humor is intact and my flares of temper/irritation have been brief (silent, internal) sparks rather than huge, expressed explosions. (I do recognize that sometimes there are only a few degrees of separation between a blessing and a disaster. :-)

...I have a few more days at home to use as I choose.

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