Friday, December 30, 2011

Windows 1

All of the JayBee windows and the door arrived yesterday. Hammond Lumber has been storing them ever since I ordered and paid for them back in June. (Nice service, don't you think?) Since I'm still not ready to install them, I was dreading their arrival. Even though I cleared out space to store them, I was worried they wouldn't fit. I managed to wrestle all of them into the house, unpack them (they look great!), and stack them all into the allotted space.

Now that they're here, it's nice to have them here. They help renew my motivation for getting out there and working on the house--even if it is bitter cold today!

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  1. Ooh, very nice! And what a surprise that you have them already, since I was thinking they wouldn't arrive till the JayBee was able to store them under its own roof -- but I guess even a place as accommodating as Hammond has its limits, eh?

    You must have a large stash of cardboard now, from all the boxes! And I see you've kept the styrofoam on the corners (brings me back to the olden days at the Taj Mahal)... great for supporting the windows when stacked vertically.

  2. Hammond did store the windows and door for more than six months. I was told they needed to deliver them before the end of the year. I assume it had something to do with doing their January inventory, but who knows?! It probably is best just to have the stuff here, anyway. I couldn't post a picture of the door because I've left it wrapped (it's wound in lots of plastic wrap) and stored on its side behind my couch in the living room.

    About the cardboard...I sliced all the boxes into pieces. (I did this outside after dark the night they arrived.) I have kept all the large flat sides of the boxes; I figure they might come in handy--like to lay on the JayBee floor after I install the floor, or whatever. All the other bits have already been recycled.

    The Taj Mahal? Is that what you're calling it now?

    I did a lot of work this last weekend, but it wasn't anything worth writing a blog post about. Basically, I moved two piles of lumber. I moved the whole pile of scrap lumber into the shop, so it's no longer outdoors. I moved the pallet with the cedar shingles so it will be easier for me to park and for my plow guy to plow. Not exciting stuff, but it sure makes me feel a lot better about things.