Monday, May 30, 2011

Trailer on the Level

Finally, I had a complete day (without work, without interruptions, without other demands) to work on the trailer. At the start of the day, I had a pile of footers and cinder blocks,

and a trailer that I wanted to reposition. (I wanted the hitch end closer to the hillside, so it wouldn't stick out into the driveway as much.)

After draining some more water off the site, I positioned a footer under this corner.

Then, I used webbing and a come-along to pull this end of the trailer closer to the hillside.

This took a bit of work, mostly because the cable in the come-along is not very long. Three tries later and it was all set (16" closer to the hillside). Who says you need a truck to move a trailer?!

Next, I wrestled with the footers and cinder blocks. The cinder blocks were not hard to move, but the footers sure were. Then, using house jacks, I leveled the trailer. I still have some tweaking to do, but I am pleased with the progress I made today.

All of this mucking around in the mud took me all day. I am completely wiped out, but I'm happy. I haven't yet begun to install the anchors (leaning against the house in the lower right part of the photo below); that'll have to be another day.

Check out these lupines that are growing on the hillside behind the trailer. Can you spot the bumblebee?

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