Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ladder Done

Even with all the busy-ness of Mother's Day (and even with the nastiness of the black flies that are now out in force), I managed to finish the loft ladder this weekend.

First, I applied stain...

Then, multiple layers of polyurethane...

I'm pleased with the results. This is a very sturdy ladder that is still lightweight enough that I will be able to easily move it from one loft to the other. Now to build a house to put it in!

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  1. Better get you an impact driver,an air compressor and some nailers.
    Gene Wallen

  2. Hi Gene! I bought myself an air compressor recently. Just when I think I have all the tools I could possibly want or need, another one comes to mind. :-)
    Are you the person who mentioned awhile back that you might have a tiny sample window available? I'm looking for an awning window that would be about a foot wide...

  3. Hello to the great white north.The smallest window I have is 17 1/2 X 27 and it`s double hung with a screen, I would take $35 plus shipping for it. I also have some small sinks with faucets,three stainless and one cast iron with gold faucets. We have Amish around here that make windows, they will make any size you want [vinyl].If you have any Amish in your part of the country,you might check,It`s one of the things they do.Get to work! Gene

  4. I have been known to accidentally delete a comment before :-( ...but that is not what happened here. The whole Blogger machine has been having technical difficulties for days. (I haven't been able to log in or post anything until now.) Apparently, the site removed a few days' worth of comments in order to solve some issues. I have no idea if they will ever restore those comments--but Gene's recent comment fell victim to that move. Gene had offered a window (which, it turns out, is too large--but thank you! Gene for the offer) and told me to "Get to work!" Okay, okay. I feel impatient, too, but hopefully you can understand that my busy season (and LONG days) at work will not ease back for another few weeks...