Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Downeast

My drive to Machias yesterday took far less time than I had thought it would: only three and a half hours. The driving wasn't all that fun, though. Until the last 40 or so miles, the roads were wet enough that I had to constantly use the windshield washer and wipers. The last 40 miles were more scary. The snow was accumulating in the road, and I passed a few cars off the road or crumpled.

Here is the view I had from my room in The Inn at Schoppee Farm after I arrived. Helen's Restaurant, where I ate dinner, is just across the bridge in the distance.

A note about blueberry pie: Helen's Restaurant has award-winning blueberry pie. I don't usually order dessert when I eat out so, while I was eating my dinner, I was thinking things like: "I've had blueberry pie. Just how different/special could award-winning blueberry pie be?" Well, I am glad I ordered a piece of pie! Real Maine blueberries, and lots of them. Just the right amount of sweet--less than I was expecting. Delicious. I highly recommend it.

Here's my room:

Very cute and comfortable. I even watched TV! While that was nice for an evening, I quickly reached the conclusion that I'm not missing much by not having TV at home.

I was woken by bright sun filling my room this morning. At first I thought I must have overslept. Not so. It was before 7:00. It's really true that the sun rises earlier downeast. I took these shots around the inn before I left.
I didn't capture any snowmobilers in these photos, but they were all over the place--especially during the weekend. During my short time in the area, I discovered that you can tell when a snowmobiler is walking near you: there is this tell-tale swish-swish sound of snowpant legs rubbing together--like walking into a lodge or warming hut at a ski area.

I left the inn a little early for my trip to see my JayBee trailer, so I drove around a bit. Here's some of what I saw on my way to Machiasport and in Bucks Harbor.

What really struck me about the above shot was the view straight through that boat shop/shed, so here's a closer look:

Next up: my JayBee trailer!

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