Monday, April 3, 2017

Progress Amidst the Snow (also Entry/Office Cupboard 4)

And the snow keeps on coming!

This was Saturday. Snowed all day. [To you-know-who who plans to leave Hawaii and return to Maine this month: Are you sure you want to come back to this?]

Even with the snow, I kept busy with JayBee projects. I have these stainless steel racks I'm going to use to help me store plates. I decided I didn't want them to be shiny.

So I applied oil-rubbed bronze paint to them.

Remember this cabinet?

I was worried I was going to ruin it as I moved around the JayBee installing insulation, so I took it inside the house. I drilled a couple of extra holes for cables, and I started painting.

The beadboard in the back of the cabinet is now painted barn red. I love milk paint and no-VOC finish!

Most of the new snow melted on Sunday. It may not be easy to see all of the ducks that are out on the river in this shot...

All of those white dots stretched out in a line are ducks.

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