Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Adventure to Follow

Many of my followers know that my son hiked the Appalachian Trail twice--in 2012 and 2014. This year, he is embarking on a new adventure--hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. He has a permit to begin hiking on April 30. He has a 6-month leave from his job, has his ticket to fly out to the trailhead, has all of his gear, and he's busily dehydrating food. I dehydrated, assembled, and vacuum-packed 40 meals for him to pack into his supply shipments. Also, he has cut his hair and beard--both of which will be quite long by the time he's done!

Sporting his pre-hike look, here is Arlen holding (not strangling, even though it may look like it!) brand-new kitty Jill, who will be old enough to move into her new household in June.

Anyone who would like to follow along with Arlen's hike...
Arlen's Adventures blog
Pacific Crest Trail Overview Map--Part 1
Pacific Crest Trail Overview Map--Part 2
Pacific Crest Trail sectional hiking maps

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