Monday, February 29, 2016

Entry/Office Cupboard 3

After trimming every one of those 48 dowel pegs, I sanded the whole cupboard.

I set the beadboard back into the back of the cupboard.

Next step: Painting.

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  1. You must be busy. Or enjoying the spring--which is probably what I would be doing. The river must be looking nice. How are the cats?

  2. Hi DWR!
    I know I really have lost momentum when not only have I not added a post here in ages, but I also take forever to respond to a comment. I am going through a backlog of photos (yes, some of the cats, too!) and I will post an update in the next few days. (I have also added a question to the Blogger Forum asking for help with solving the "split background color" problem that has recently plagued my blog. I don't know what has happened, and I can't seem to resolve it on my own.)
    I hope you're well, enjoying the start of summer, and cuddling with your cat(s).

  3. Cats. Heh. I have thirteen of them but there are a few kittens that are about to be rehomed. I'm well on my way to becoming the crazy old man who dies alone and gets eaten by his cats--assuming I outlive a few family members. Already I have so many that I'm afraid to let them get very hungry.

    I'll be watching for your next update.

  4. Oh my goodness--13 cats! There are days when I find two to be too many. Imagine 13 cats living with me in the JayBee. That would be something!