Sunday, February 28, 2016

Entry/Office Cupboard 2

I cut 48 tiny pieces of dowel and glued them into all the cupboard's screw holes.

In the next photo, I'm holding the cupboard roughly in the spot it will be located. It's so much fun to see something I've had in my head for years coming to reality!

After cutting the beadboard for the back of the cupboard, I loosely taped it in place so I could see what it looks like. Not bad!

Next steps: Cut all 48 dowel pegs flush with the cupboard sides. Sand the cupboard. Paint it--for now, without the beadboard. (I think I should wait to cut the holes for the electrical boxes in the beadboard until after the inside walls of the JayBee are more done.)

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Today felt like spring. The ice is slowly letting go of my driveway. This may look bad to you but, to me, it looks SO much better than it has!

Not sure if you can tell from this next photo, but the channel eroding down the middle of the ice reveals that the ice slab is still 6-8 inches thick.

There was a funny moment today... I thought I was outside by myself. I was moving back and forth between the JayBee and the house, putting things away for the day. On one of my trips, something caught my attention out the corner of my eye. I was so startled, I leapt off the ground. Then I just chuckled. Crazy cat.

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