Monday, August 3, 2015

Electricity Prep

It was really looking like the electrician was going to come work on the house, so I scrambled to get ready. I built the walls in the bathroom that will surround the shower stall.

I dragged all kinds of materials out of the JayBee to give the electrician room to work. I put another large box of free scrap wood at the end of my driveway. It was gone before the day was over!

I marked out appliances, cupboards, and closets on the floor of the JayBee. Then I hung pieces of paper representing switches, outlets, and light fixtures all over the walls so there was an obvious visible representation of what I wanted installed.

Ready for the electrician!

More photos of that crazy bird that talks to me during the day.

More snakes. One is bad enough. But when they're slithering all over each other... :::shudder:::

A storm moving in.

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