Monday, March 23, 2015

Steps 2

I built step number 2 today, starting with the base. I know it's hard to believe (even I have a hard time believing it), but I built it right the first time.

Before I screw the deck boards to the top of a base, I drill screw holes in each of the boards, and I hang nails between the boards to keep them evenly spaced. Once all the boards are in their proper place, I screw them down.

Here is the step all done, and the three other completed steps, too.

You may be wondering why I didn't rush to set the steps in place in front of the JayBee's entryway. I just know that as soon as I place the steps in place, it will snow up a storm, and I'll worry about the plow guy crashing into my new steps. I think I'll just wait a bit.

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Here is another project I have been working on: I have added three layers so far of protective exterior varnish to two chairs I plan to use on the JayBee's deck. I acquired two of these antique wooden theater chairs over twenty years ago. They are really comfortable but, in all this time, I have never used them because they need to be bolted to the floor and I never felt I had the right place for them. Now I plan to bolt them down to the deck in front of the JayBee. I know that adding any finish to them reduces their value as antiques, but there is no point in using them outdoors without making sure they have a good protective finish on them. I will also sew covers to use on them when they're folded up and not in use.

Of course I have not been able to do any staining or finishing outdoors; it's been way too cold for that. I've done it all indoors, but I took this chair outside to take pictures of it in the sun.

One of the chairs still has its seat number painted on its back.

Even though I have stained hundreds of shingles and the stained ones are piled up everywhere, the stack still waiting to be stained is daunting.

It was another frigid, windy day again today. My toes were frozen by the time I gave up and went indoors. George is pretending it's spring. (At least that's what I'm telling myself. He is displaying some signs of confusion these days, so I hope he's not staying out too long because he can't figure out when he should come inside.)

I love how the wind is ruffling George's fur in this next shot.

This next photo also shows some of the housewrap repair I performed yesterday.

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