Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring is Inching Its Way Here

Spring is trying to make some headway around here, but it's slow going. The snowbanks appear to have lost about 18" of height but, since the temperatures remain mostly below freezing, I think there is more evaporating than melting going on.

I have had to clean off the roof again. Just love the view of the JayBee from up here.

I love how far into the woods I can see this time of year. Best enjoy it now; once the trees leaf out, these views will be gone.

Check out this snow sculpture. Each new snowstorm created its own layer.

Today I actually see pavement in the driveway. It's been months since I last saw pavement.

Even the cats are hibernating a bit less.

I am still staining shingles every day. They are stacking up all over.

I have other projects ready to roll--like, for example, the closet wall for the JayBee. I need the snow to be gone so I can move a bunch of stuff out of the JayBee--to give me room to work in there. I'm getting impatient. Any time now, Spring!

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