Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice Storm

My world is encased in ice--and the storm is not over yet. The only way I was able to walk around outside without falling was by wearing studs on my feet! I am enjoying this storm. I'm feeling connected to the season--something I once took for granted but I've been missing for a very long time. I have been so consumed by my work these last few years that I haven't really experienced the changing seasons. I only had two seasons this last year--the forever-long season of overwork, and the shorter but even more intense season of overwork while caring for my dying mother. Now that my work is coming to a close, I am slowly beginning to feel reconnected with my life, and with my natural surroundings. I have a long stretch of healing ahead of me, but I am ever so grateful to feel it beginning.

See Bear in this next photo? The cats had trouble keeping their feet under them. It was funny to watch but freaked them out a bit.

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