Sunday, November 3, 2013

Still Here (believe it or not)

Below are the autumn pictures I promised awhile back...

As you no doubt have noticed, progress on the JayBee has been stalled for a very long time. That will change in 2014. I have given notice at my, come January, I will no longer be working 55-80 hours a week. January is not the best time for building construction in Maine...My first priority will be to work at getting healthy and strong. My second priority will be to bicycle the Underground Railroad bicycle route from the Gulf of Mexico to Niagara Falls during the spring. Then, I will use the summer and the fall to work full time on the JayBee! (Only after all that will I seek new employment.)

I have always enjoyed working, but I also value having a full, rich life outside of work. The death of my mother in September provided me a good opportunity to reassess my life and face the fact that I have allowed myself to stray quite far afield of how I really want to live my life. 2014 will be all about righting my course.

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