Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snow on the Way

The forecast for tomorrow night and Friday is for more snow--6-12 inches, in fact. I rushed home from work today and cut up those trees so I could move them out of the driveway in case plowing is necessary over the next few days. Yes, you guessed it; I did all that cutting with a hand saw. (I have never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed.) As I worked away, I kept telling myself things like, "Listen to those geese honking. Never would hear all that with a chain saw running."

When I was done moving wood out of the driveway, I spent some time daydreaming as I listened to the geese and gazed at the pretty light out on the river.


  1. Now, that's impressive: charging home from work and cutting up a couple of trees by hand before dark! Another day, another job to do, eh?! Is it snowing yet? It's going to be over 80 degrees again here, today—wish I was kidding.

    Hey, the Worldwide Visitors list is fascinating. Makes me feel like a schlub... it's not like *I'm* checking out websites in other countries!

  2. Hey, I love getting blog comments!

    Had to postpone a trip to the chiropractor in order to cut those trees up before dark. I need the chiropractor to moderate the effects of work stress and too much being glued to the computer at work these days, but I found all that sawing to be mentally therapeutic even if not all that back friendly.

    No snow yet. I guess its arrival is pushed back a little, and will extend into Saturday morning--with 6-18 inches now predicted. Spare me.