Saturday, November 5, 2016

You Know You're Taking Too Long to Build Your House When...

... you have not moved in yet and things are starting to break.

Remember my very nice Andersen door?

The door itself is fine--so far. The problem is with the threshold.

At first glance, that looks fine too. Let's zoom in...

See the long crack along the inside edge of the threshold? Yikes! I was thinking the threshold was pretty much indestructible. After all, it's thick, hard plastic--and it's a threshold! Isn't it built to withstand the pounding that thresholds sustain on a daily basis? Apparently not. Or maybe it needs the flooring installed next to it to support it and, of course, that hasn't happened yet. In any case, I guess I better figure out an effective repair before a whole strip of the threshold completely breaks off. Epoxy maybe?

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