Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard 2013

I'm posting this now (well before the storm is over) for you, DWR!

Oh, my goodness, what will I do with all this snow?! I'm cozy and happy indoors (the power is still on here), but when I open the door to ponder beginning to move snow around... seems so overwhelming that I just close the door again. This accumulation really is stunning, given that the ground was bare when this started. (I stuck a yardstick in the snow out beyond the drift up against the door, and it currently measures 29" deep.) 

The storm is not near over here. The snow has been falling heavily all morning, and I just heard the radio weather report. ("One to two more feet of snow expected before the storm ends.") Yikes!

The cats are going stir crazy. Apparently it's way more important to be able to go outside when it's not really a possibility. They keep asking me to open the door and then they freak out. They won't stand still for photos, so I was only able to capture Bear briefly before he bolted. Notice his irritation, expressed with his ears.

This next shot shows George peeking out the sliding door next to the deck. From his viewpoint, he's looking at the wall of snow on the deck.

Thankfully, the JayBee appears to be doing okay through this. Due to the snow being powdery light and the high winds, the snow is regularly shedding itself off the roof. The snow in front of the JayBee is not very deep at the moment; this is thanks to my plow guy, who came by a few times last night to clear things out.

Wherever you are, may you be safe and warm.

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