Saturday, November 10, 2012

East End Roof 3

Back to roof work today...

After I opened up the tarps on the east end of the JayBee and climbed up into the loft, I admired the view from the loft window.

I attached hurricane ties to each of the east end roof rafters. Here's a view of some of them from above; I was hanging out the loft window.

Here's a view of them from inside the JayBee.

Here's the inside of the JayBee from the east end loft. It's quite crowded now that I've moved everything inside for the winter. It's hard to maneuver around things, and I've filled it with sawdust by sawing boards inside.

Given the mistakes I've made with angle cuts lately, I decided to create a cardboard template of the roof sheathing before sawing any plywood. Good thing. See the different angles below? The left line was my first thought, and would have been my first cut. The angled line on the right is the correct line.

After 2:00 today, frigid air swooped in. I lasted until 4:30 outside; that's all I could take. Back at it tomorrow.

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