Sunday, January 15, 2012


This last week, the weather changed from pretend winter to real winter--snow, freezing rain, temperature below zero this morning. The river is finally frozen over--see the new logo photo! All of this does not invite working outside on the JayBee. Thankfully, the JayBee is holding its own under cover so far.

Lately I've had energy for getting rid of stuff. This week I gave away all of my back issues of these magazines: Fine Woodworking, Mother Earth News, Nature Conservancy, Outside, Smithsonian, and This Old House. Just under 350 magazines! The other thing I did was consolidate all of my DVDs into a thick notebook. Now I have over 70 DVD cases to give away. I do feel like I'm on a roll, but I will have to continue divesting myself of this much stuff every week for many weeks in order to be ready to move into the JayBee. Even if I do have a storage building.

And I will have a storage building. I ordered a pre-cut kit for a storage building this week as well. Now, to find just the right place to assemble it this spring...

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