Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trailer/Foundation Arrives!

I found out two days ago that my trailer was going to arrive today. I'm sure there must be others, as well as me, that have these moments--these moments of anxiety? panic? when something wanted and worked for actually happens. All day Friday, thinking about the arrival of my trailer, I was a nervous wreck. Would my driveway be too wet? Too muddy? Would Mercy have the room she needed to maneuver the trailer into place where I wanted it?

I had calmed down some by this morning, but I really wanted to get the basketball pole and backboard moved before the trailer arrived--to give Mercy more maneuvering room. Dale was kind enough to come over and help with the basketball pole. Thank you, Dale! We hauled a whole lot of water off the site while we waited as well.

So, the site looked like this first thing this morning...

Then, after we moved the basketball hoop out of the way, the trailer arrived and Mercy backed it into place.

Wanna dance, anyone? As Naomi Lauze demonstrates, my new (although somewhat breezy) home has a good dance floor at the moment. (When I told her she was dancing on my bed, she looked at me like I was crazy. :-)

Mercy Lauze, the woman on the left, is not only the person who delivered my trailer...She did the welding, the painting, the wiring, and more. The trailer is Rick Lauze's design; he built it, too. Thank you, Mercy and Rick, for this solid foundation for my new home.

Guess I have some work to do!

Next steps: Level the trailer by jacking it up onto blocks. (The trailer is straight and true; that's not the problem. The ground that the wheels are sitting on is not level.) Work on a small drainage system to deal with the water that collects in a spot right under the trailer. Anchor the trailer to the ground. Register the trailer, even though I don't plan to move it anywhere anytime soon.

If you would like to buy your own trailer designed and built specifically for building a tiny house, contact Rick and Mercy Lauze at:
Northlander Trailers
1021 Port Road, Machiasport, ME 04655
207-255-3377 (yes, spelled without the "o")
In fact, if you need any kind of trailer--boat trailer, equipment trailer, or tiny-house trailer--contact them. You won't find a better-built or better-priced trailer! (And, no, I have NOT been paid for this endorsement. Nor will I earn a commission on any future sales. Hmmm, maybe we need to talk, Rick. Just kidding.)

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  1. Congratulations. I remember when we purchased our trailer. It was momentous. It made everything very REAL. I know you are happy and I wish you the best from here out!

    Tiny r(E)volution

  2. Thank you, Drew. So kind of you to post here. Yes, REAL. At the moment, I'm very much in excited mode. (Panic mode has receded, thank goodness; I will, no doubt, swing back through there a few times before all is said and done, but excitement will dominate.) Lots of work ahead, but this is a very exciting start to spring!